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End-user device compatibility and system requirements.

End-User Device Requirements

edNexus services and content work best on end user devices with these minimum system requirements.

  • Screen Resolution

    1024×768 or greater

  • Broadband Internet

    512kbps or better

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript must be enabled

  • Cookies

    Cookies must be enabled

See if your device is compatible with edNexus by running this device check program.

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Supported Web Browsers

edNexus works with all popular web browsers on all operating systems.

  • Chrome

    Google Chrome 11 or later

  • Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer 9.0 or later

  • Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox 5 or later

  • Safari

    Apple Safari 4.0 or later

Supported Platforms

edNexus works with all popular devices and platforms.

  • Chromebooks

    Google Chromebooks

  • Apple

    Apple Mac & iOS

  • Android

    Google Android

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft Windows

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