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Our commitment to privacy and data security.

Your data in your control

You are always in control of your own data on edNexus.

  • No PII Required

    All users including students are identified with a system generated GUID (Globally Unique Identifier for example "cc25fb55-a471-4476-bf77-9bdaa8fa428b"). No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is ever stored.

  • Your information is yours

    You use your own unique IDs to reference data on edNexus such as Student ID, School ID. edNexus never sells or rents your data to anyone, only you have access to your data.

  • Full oversight and control

    Using APIs, you can access, modify and delete your own data whenever you want to. You can also choose to discontinue use of edNexus at any time.

Compliance By Design

edNexus is built with embedded data and privacy frameworks offering robust safeguards and compliance.

  • COPPA Compliance

    edNexus supports COPPA and helps our partners stay fully COPPA-compliant. No students (not just 13 years and under) are allowed to create their own accounts.

  • FERPA Compliance

    edNexus supports FERPA and helps our partners stay fully FERPA-compliant. No student information will be shared with any other third-parties.

Industry leading security infrastructure

edNexus uses AWS global cloud infrastructure which is protected by industry leading data security and encryption.

  • API Authentication

    edNexus APIs are signed with the SHA-2 signature to authenticate and serve only valid requests. Bank-grade data encryption is used to ensure that data is always encrypted and transmitted securely.

  • Network Security

    edNexus ensures security at the network level using firewalls and end-to-end TLS/SSL encryption across all our infrastructure.

  • Rigorous Audits

    Extensive third-party vulnerability testing and audits ensure we are constantly putting edNexus infrastructure under extreme, unbiased scrutiny.

Our pledge to safeguard student privacy

To reaffirm our commitment to keep student data safe and secure, we joined notable K-12 technology pioneers such as Google, Apple and Microsoft in signing the Student Privacy Pledge. Read the Student Privacy Pledge.

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