Utility Pricing

Introducing an innovative platform-as-a-service offering with an industry-first utility pricing model. With edNexus, you only pay for what you use.

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Top 10 reasons why edNexus is a clear choice for your adaptive learning solution.



Launch Quickly

Our plug-and-play APIs, ready-made UI, pre-built reports and simple business model make it possible to launch your solution quickly.


6-12+ months to Launch

Generic APIs, uploading your content, building analytics and complex contract negotiations - take 6-12+ months to launch your solution.

Purpose Built

edNexus is purpose built from the ground up with research-backed science and AI to deliver adaptive learning at scale.


Generic Platform

Built for diverse learners across Higher Ed, K-12 and Corporate environments with agnostic learning objectives and pedagogy.

Adaptive Rigor and Depth

Each students' learning path is personalized to their unique depth and rigor to master the curriculum.


Constant Rigor and Depth

All students are expected to learn content at a fixed level of depth with a fixed amount of rigor.

Continuous Innovation

Our data-driven insights and rapid delivery roadmap helps you improve your solution continuously.


Static Solution

Opaque roadmaps and competing priorities push the release of improvements to your solution to years.

Zero Upfront Cost

Absolutely zero upfront cost. AWS-inspired simple utility pricing. No hidden costs, upfront commitments or long-term contracts.


Upfront Cost & Commitment

Typically requires a long-term contract with a commitment of minimum number of students. First year fees are due upfront.

Try before you Buy

Enjoy our free trial period with absolutely no obligation and no cost to you.*


Buy before you try

You start paying for the platform from day 1 of your solution launch - irrespective of its adoption and success.

Pay for what you use

You only pay for the platform services you use. We guarantee a low-cost and predictable model based on your usage patterns.


Pay Fixed Price Per User

You pay a fixed price per student irrespective of engagement/usage. You're over-paying 30-40% based on 60-70% industry average user adoption and license usage metrics.

Pay After You Use

AWS-inspired monthly utility billing based on the month's actual usage. You pay in arrears always based on actual usage.


Pay Before You Use

You pay upfront each year based on the minimum commitment and for the duration of the contract.

We eat our own dog food

edNexus powers our K-8 learning products ScootPad and SimplyAdaptive serving 2+ million students - and we learn from it firsthand every single day.


Preach it but don't use it

Not using their own platform leads to lack of awareness, knowledge, responsiveness and insight - which invariably impact customer success.

Unlimited Support

Our core platform team will provide unlimited technical and content support via online help, live chat, email and phone.


Metered Support

Varying levels of support based on factors including the nature of your partnership, contract term, annual spend, etc.

* For qualified new partners only. Some restrictions may apply.

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