Data-Powered Intelligence

Through painstaking implementation of research-backed strategies, proven learning science techniques and AI, our platform harnesses the power of data to generate virtual smart-tutoring powers to deliver powerful personalized learning experiences to every student.

Learning Science Research and AI

Cognitive Science

Strategies and techniques from proven research in cognitive science were painstakingly implemented to transform how knowledge is processed, retained and recalled to enable deep and long-lasting learning.

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Learning Science

The power of mastery learning principles coupled with proven spiral and spaced learning strategies were painstakingly implemented to maximize the learning impact for every student.

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Data Science

Continuous innovation involving leveraging data, building new models of prediction and improving the overall adaptivity through the power of data-driven intelligence - all focused on the singular vision to maximize learning outcomes for every student at scale.

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Research Advisory Board

Distinguished scholars and renowned researchers from Stanford University.

Dr. Emma Brunskill

Department of Computer Science

Stanford University

Focus: AI & Machine Learning

Dr. Brunskill is a computer science professor at Stanford where she is part of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab and the Statistical Machine Learning Group. Her research focuses on reinforcement learning in high stakes scenarios - how can an agent learn from experience to make good decisions when experience is costly or risky, such as in educational software. Her recent publications include: "The Misidentified Identifiability Problem in Bayesian Knowledge Tracing".

Dr. Karin Forsell

Department of Education

Stanford University

Focus: Learning, Design, and Technology

Dr. Forssell is the Program Director for the Learning, Design, and Technology Master's Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Her research focuses on the choices people make in learning about and using new digital tools, with a special interest in teachers as learners and the design process. Her recent publications include "Making Meaningful Advances: TPACK for Designers of Learning Tools".

Dr. Rob Tibshirani

Department of Statistics

Stanford University

Focus: Data Science & Statistics

Dr. Tibshirani is a professor of statistics at Stanford where he leads research in data science and statistics and how they can bring scalable social change. He is passionate about combining math and computer science to solve real-world problems. His research focuses on the challenges with sorting through large amounts of data and separating out the consistent patterns from the noise. His recent publications include: "The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference and Prediction".

Highly Scalable and Always Available Infrastructure

Bank-Grade Security

Your data and access are protected by industry leading data security and encryption typically seen in bank-grade applications.

Continuous Scaling

Our ad:Tech inspired architecture is designed to scale dynamically to deliver consistent high performance at any scale.

Performance Guarantee

With less than 1 second response time, we guarantee 24x7 service availability backed by unlimited developer support.

High Availability

We offer industry best SLA of 99.9% availability with minimal maintenance windows and penalties for unplanned downtime.

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