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Our modern content delivery capabilities coupled with our tech-enhanced content authoring tool enable you to deliver very rich and engaging content to your students on any device and any platform.

Multi-Tenant Content

Leverage our free content, upload 3rd party content or build your own content.

  • Free Content

    ScootPad Content Bank

    Leverage ScootPad developed high quality, field-tested, and tech-enhanced items offering the most advanced and comprehensive content bank for grades K-8 across Math and ELA.

  • 3rd Party Content

    Partner Content Bank

    Upload 3rd party content from your content providers and leverage our advanced content management tools to release content revisions and updates in real-time.

  • Build Your Own Content

    Your Private Content Bank

    Use our slick authoring tool and make it easy for non-technical users to create and maintain tech-enhanced content in your own private content bank.

Content Agnostic Adaptive Engine

edNexus is content agnostic and can support any curricula, any grade level and any subject. edNexus currently offers prebuilt content in Math and English supporting Common Core Standards, 12+ US State Standards, and England's National Curriculum. Stay tuned for more international curricula including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India.

Content Rigor and Depth

edNexus emulates Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK) model to enable desired content depth and rigor as prescribed by the respective curricula and standards. Our adaptive engine delivers progressively deeper content to achieve the desired depth of mastery in each concept.


50+ Powerful Tech-Enhanced Item Formats

All the technology enhanced item types you'll need to develop rich and engaging content to prepare your students for high-stakes tests such as PARCC, SBAC, STAAR, TELPAS etc.

Try our 50+ Tech Enhanced Item Formats

Authoring and Collaboration

Empower your non-technical content teams to easily and quickly create and manage your tech-enhanced item bank. Embed our slick authoring tool into your existing content management system (CMS) or use our cloud-based authoring tool.

Content Insights

Powerful data-driven insights and direct end user feedback help you maintain your high-quality content bank with the ability to push revisions in real-time.

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