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Mastery Learning Adaptive Diagnostic Adaptive Practice Adaptive Instruction Adaptive Intervention Adaptive Assessment

edNexus is a patent-pending platform-as-a-service solution and technology from ScootPad Corporation.

Adaptive Learning

Built upon years of research, our platform delivers a deeply personalized and most impactful learning experience for each and every student.

  • Research Based

    Built with proven research based on Mastery Learning and Personalized System of Instruction.

  • Virtuous Mastery Driven

    Mastery through continuously adaptive and dynamic instruction, practice, and assessment.

  • Knowledge Map Powered

    Learning progression and dynamic scaffolding are made possible through the power of our knowledge map.

Rich and Engaging Content

Standards aligned, technology enhanced, and DOK leveled content. Learn More

  • Rigorous

    Each standard is designed with rigorous DOK leveled content to enable proficiency at the desired depth.

  • Tech Enhanced

    Each concept is built with multiple tech-enhanced formats preparing students for the most advanced assessments.

    Try our 50+ Tech Enhanced Item Formats
  • Slick Authoring

    Non-technical users can create advanced technology-enhanced content easily with our slick authoring tool.

Highly Scalable Platform-As-A-Service

Our world-class infrastructure is designed to dynamically scale upto 1 billion requests daily.

  • Secure and Compliant

    Our robust cloud infrastructure is protected by industry leading data security and encryption.

  • Instant Scale

    Our ad-tech inspired architecture delivers continuous scaling upto 1 million requests/second.

  • Always Available

    With less than 1 second response time, we guarantee 99.9% SLA and 24x7 technical support.

Why build with edNexus?

We've done the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Go to market faster with a stronger product.

  • Faster Time To Market

    We've spent years building this platform and we do it really well. Leveraging us gets you to market with a stronger product faster.

  • Easy Integration

    Designed to easily embed into third party platforms while remaining totally invisible and seamless to end users.

  • Extensible by Design

    We provide the core foundation and what you build with it is totally up to you. We'll even develop new TEIs and APIs for you.

  • Focus on Your Solution

    You focus on what makes your solution unique. We'll do the rest under the hood.

  • Fraction of the Cost

    With edNexus, your total cost of ownership is a fraction of what it would cost you otherwise.

  • Continuous Innovation

    Your solution gets better with no effort from you! We're constantly adding new features and making existing ones better.

An Extension of Your Team

Collaborate closely with our designers, content specialists, and developers throughout.

  • Product Design

    Draw on our design expertise to deliver slick user experiences meeting millennials high expectations.

  • Content Collaboration

    Work closely with our curriculum designers and offer the most engaging and tech enhanced content to your users.

  • Technical Integration

    Engage with our tech savvy and talented developers to easily and seamlessly integrate with our platform.

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